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  • Why is the 4-week crash course free?
    We feel that people should be given an option to try before they buy. As it stands, there’s only paid courses available with other centres which is a massive commitment if someone is unsure if they want a career change. We would like to help and offer people a “try before they buy”.
  • What is the 8-week master’s programme?
    The 8-week master’s programme is for people that have completed our 4-week crash course and want to pursue their career within the industry. The course itself is designed with a practical hand on approach to give you the knowledge and confidence to gain employment at the end. To find full course details please see the link below.
  • Why would I need to do the 8-week master’s programme if I have already completed the 4-week crash course?
    The 4-week crash course was designed to give people a taster without a financial commitment before they pursue their career via our master’s programme.
  • Will I need a barbering kit to complete the 4-week crash course?
    As any new trade, you will need to have a kit. However we have put together a selected tool package at a discounted rate, please find the link below to find it – also we have a buyback scheme meaning if you decide this course is not for you, we will buy back your kit (please see terms and conditions).
  • Will I be employable after the combined courses?
    Absotuley, we will cover all the necessary requirements and you will be employable.
  • Will there be available finance?
    Finance is available upon request.
  • Will I get a national qualification?
    If you are looking for a government bodied qualification such as city & guilds, you will need to join your local college and complete their level 1, 2 & 3 courses. The barbering industry is a place where a good attitude and a good haircut can pass your trades test and get you a job.
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