Frequently asked questions

What does the subscription involve?

After your 2 week trial, you'll join 'Tier 1: Plant'. This will be your year of creating a strong new learning habit, a bit like your personal finance crash course. You'll have access to full support to keep you accountable, have a buddy-up, get set up on the calendars to keep you on track, and have access to many members only events, such as talks and book clubs. After one year, you'll have the option to move to 'Tier 2: Grow'. This is to maintain your learning, and cultivate your new habits. You will have access to all the content you've been through, will receive reminders from your calendar (ex: when your tax return is due!), have access to community events, and be updated about financial news.

When and where will you launch?

Yes! To add a picture follow these simple steps:

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Why not men?

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